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fi’zi:k Vesta Review: Initial Thoughts

fi’zi:k Vesta Review: Initial Thoughts

A beautiful fi’zi:k Vesta showed up at my doorstep a couple of weeks back.  Quickly, I snapped some photos and then installed the saddle on my cyclocross bike. Since then it has been on my goto bike for long road rides, and my daily commute.

Initial Feel

The very first feeling of the saddle is the firm, yet padded support.  This is a good feeling as I don’t like a saddle that I sink into. If you sink too much into a saddle your sit bones are no longer holding you up and the soft tissues are left holding you up.  This saddle hasn’t seen more than an hour and a half of consistent ride time so we can only tell how the padded feeling holds up.

The “pressure relief channel” seems to work so far.  It isn’t a cut out so if I rock into the drops I can feel pressure on my soft tissue areas but to this point there has been no numbness or pain when this pressure happens for an extended amount of time.

Look & Design

The saddle is an eye catcher.  Subtle enough, but if someone walks close enough to see the top of your saddle they will stop and ask, “WHAT?!”  This exact story has happened to me with everyone that has seen the saddle.  My only worry about the eye catching colors are they will bleed over time into my white bib shorts.

Closing Thoughts

Sitting initially on this saddle I didn’t think “this is the one,” but that never has happened before with any of my favorite saddles. There are always fine tuning with the bike fit and trying different angles and fore/aft of the saddle.  BUT I didn’t sit on this saddle and feel horrible pain, nor did I feel pain after 25 miles.  The jury is still out on this saddle but I will check back with you as the fit is modified and more miles are logged.

  • jj
    Posted at 21:47h, 07 January Reply

    i gotta say the graphics would be a deal-breaker for me. that’s one ugly saddle IMHO.

    • Bike Shop Girl
      Posted at 17:18h, 08 January

      They come in other colors, I opted for the “eye catcher”

  • Laralyn
    Posted at 16:00h, 23 April Reply

    I’m curious about your opinion of the saddle a year+ later.

    I (a woman) work at a bike shop in NYC and I often get women in the shop who have saddle issues. I obviously sympathize, having issues with most saddles I’ve tried out (always soft tissue pain when riding in the drops). Depending on the type of riding they do, I can usually recommend a good saddle, but women who ride in the drops still complain about soft tissue pain, myself included. I have to say that I’ve yet to come across a saddle that I feel is amazing (even the Terry Butterfly disappoints when riding in the drops). I just placed an order for the Vesta based on reviews I’ve read, but I am interested in your opinion at this point.

    Thanks for all you do! I appreciate your site!

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