Bike Shop Girl for the Holidays

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A quick note that Commute By Bike & Bike Shop Girl will be running on the lean side for the next two weeks. With the holiday a few days away we are helping Santa Claus get ready for the big day, and the week after we will be finishing inventory counts at the bike shop. Thank you and Happy Holidays!

About the Author

Bike Shop Girl has over 12 years of bicycle industry experience and hands on knowledge. Hoping to empower women and others on the bike so they too can feel the freedom and power that two wheels can give someone.


  1. Have a Merry Christmas, Arleigh. It’s been a while – hope to run into you sometime next year.

  2. What are you getting. Any cycling-related gifts?

    • Lots of wool socks, and hopefully new cabling/brake pads for my cyclocross bike

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