It is a wonderful time of year, some places in the US have received snow already, and others are only now finishing the changing of the leaves.  This is also the time of year you need to decide if you are investing in extra winter clothes or going to invest on an indoor trainer.

Here are my essentials :

Defeet Un-DBase Layer

A good base layer, this will be snug and close to your skin.  The goal is to pull moisture from your skin so that you don’t get cold and wet as you ride harder.  Base layers can be sleeveless, short sleeve or long sleeve. It is completely up to you what you pick.

Tip : If your sports bra doesn’t wick put your base layer on first.

Gita WarmersArm Warmer and Knee Warmers

Your knees are precious and your arms get cold easily. If your ride starts off in the cool morning and warms off you can quickly take your these off and put them in a jersey pocket.  I personally run knee warmers under 65, and run arm/knee with a combination vest well into the late fall.

Wool Socks

I love wool socks, and will live in them from November through March. They manage moisture well, and keep you toasty warm.  Personally, I wear the 6″ through the winter as it comes close to touching my knee warmers and then ski style ones that come up to my knees when its snowing or a cold rain.

Tip: Put a plastic bag over your socks before you put your feet in your shoes.  It will help keep the wind chill down and warmth in.

Gore Bike WearWindproof Vest

Keeping the chill off your body is key.  A good vest will keep your chest and core warm by keeping your body heat in and the windchill out.  There are many different vest out these days, some with Windstopper, others that pack very small, and others that have a layer of thermal fleece.


I have three different types of gloves I wear through out the winter.  A basic mountain bike glove that is good down to 40 degrees or so.  A basic cycling liner glove that keeps the heat in and has a brushed top that keeps the wind out.  Finally a good winter glove that is thermal, wind and waterproof with insides that wick off my sweat as my hands heat up.

This is only the essentials that I recommend to every woman.  Depending what weather and how cold you can endure the extras like jackets, knickers, tights, jerseys and such are all going to be personal preference. I hope to get you through picking those this winter as well.

Thanks for reading and please leave your feedback below.


  1. Can anyone recommend a good pair of winter cycling gloves for someone with hands that are SMALL – even small for a lady? There are so many more varieties out there for men, but even most mens small sizes are way too big for me and my hands slide around in them on my handlebars which causes muscle cramps in my palms. I need something very warm because I’m in Minnesota and I don’t want to spend $70+ just for some gloves. Help!

  2. I live in Matthews, NC but work in Chicago during the week. One thing you didn’t mention that many in NC might not use but is a necessity up here is a balaclava, the full-face head warmer. It covers your mouth, sometimes nose, ears and down to your neck. They come in different thicknesses so you can get a relatively thin one for NC riding. It might look goofy but riding in breezy 40 degree weather last night kept me from getting those terrible headaches from cold ears and back of the head exposure.

    I enjoy reading your posts. Thanks

  3. I tried doing the bra over the base layer this morning. Holy crap! I cannot believe how much of a difference it made.

    I do a bike + bus commute so if I overheat and sweat too much during the ride I FREEZE to death waiting for the bus. I almost always over dress at least just a little bit.

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