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  1. Got some insider info that Rapha was going to start a women’s line. Have you heard anything? Their stuff is so $$ but so nice. It would be worth the investment.

    1. I also love Rapha but could never afford it on my bike shop salary. I do take donations!

  2. Here’s how I stay toasty warm (granted I live in Portland, so it doesn’t get *freezing* all that often, just wet).

    Ibex leg warmers under Terry knickers, Swiftwick wool socks, Ibex arm warmers and vintage wool jersey, Ibex gaiter for my neck if it’s really cold. DeFeet merino wool gloves. Smartwool headband under Rainy Peak or Deller wool cap. If it’s raining, I borrow my husband’s Showers Pass jacket (one of my own is high on my Christmas list) or his Rapha winter jersey (also high on my “want” list if/when they come out with a womens’ version). Sugoi shoe covers if it’s wet out.

    There’s honestly not a thing I’d change about any of those items. I do want to add a vest to my cycling apparel, to have an extra core layer when a full jacket isn’t needed.

  3. The stuff that I favor for riding in winter (I’m in NJ) is largely clothing meant for snowboarding or skiing. Terrific windproof jackets (Snozu) and wetproof/windproof (Zeroxposur). They aren’t anything fancy (found one at a garage sale). They weren’t expensive (found the other at Marshall’s). Fleece-lined vest underneath if it’s hovering around freezing. They work better for cycling than anything else I’ve had.

    I could use a new pair of waterproof hikers. My old ones stopped fitting when I had a kid. Oh, and zip-off waterproof pants. I ride through the swamps often. Major mud.

  4. I have a fine jersey circle scarf from american apparel that I wrap around my head twice like a hood overtop of a knit headband thingey that I made that goes over my ears (and under my dreads!)

    Both fit beautifully under my helmet and the straps keep the hood close to my face to prevent it puffing it out or catching wind. The circle scarf also keeps my neckular area warm.

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  6. in Minnesota it’s all about layers; the temperature can change 30 degrees in a matter of hours. Today the temps were below zero with a windchill also below zero brrr.
    I started with Borah tights (I don’t wear bike shorts) with Chilli’s long underwear covered with a pair of Endura riding pants. WSI elite gear (local company) long sleeve shirt, Under Armor long sleeve shirt, Northface liner jacket, REI windbreaker, Sugoi vest. Wool blend socks from Fleetfarm. Lambs wool lined leather mittens with fleece glove liners. Castelli balclava. Pearl Izumi skull cap stretched over my helmet. Foot warmers in the toes of my shoes and hand warmers in my mittens and I was ready to roll. I would like to find a better face mask and riding shoes.

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