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  1. […] to go from point a to b, and a decent pace but not a race pace.  It is more efficient than the Batavus BUB I have in for review, but not close to a sporty Trek […]

  2. […] quick introduction was posted over at to introduce the Batavus BUB I had teased about a couple weeks ago.  The BUB is a watered down version of most Batavus bikes.  […]

  3. 5 Jan ’10 at 12:53 pm — Reply

    I was happy to see these photos of the Batavius. Keen sport cyclists often seem to ignore the sit-up bike, and yet this is the bike which 90% of people who use bikes as transport and not for sport, in Europe, hop onto if going somewhere.

    They are just basically so comfortable. They are also safe in that you see better and are seen better. Indeed, I maintain that the upright posture sends a message to other traffic, a stately one, which tends to provoke better behavior, less competitive on the part of motorists who of course one is looking slightly down on, riding such a bike.

    Have a look at what I hope is a seductive tribute to such bikes. The Waltz of the Bikes.

    Cheers, Mike Rubbo

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