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Smartwool PhD Sock Review : Intro

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In the South East of the US it is becoming time to pull out your base layer long underwear and find your wool socks. Personally, I enjoy wearing my wool socks year round but not many others around my bike shop feel the same way.

Smartwool PhD Socks

When it comes to wool socks I’ll wear many different varieties but if I’m going on a long ride, hike or really cold weather I’m picking one company – Smart Wool. Depending on the activity or weather there are different models of Smart Wool socks I would chose but for the majority of cycling I’ll pick a pair of my PhD socks.

What makes these so different?

  • WoW (wool on wool) is an extra layer of wool where you need it, so heel, ball of foot and toes.
  • 4 degree fit makes the socks wrap around your feet, giving you support on your arch and won’t slip off or stretch with wear like some other wool socks.
  • Wool cools you when it is hot out and warms you when its cold
  • Moisture control allows Smartwool to wick in a vapor/mist form instead of waiting for the sweat or wetness to pull up into a liquid.  Less sweat means better feeling skin and body temperature
  • No more stinky feet – Wool lets out the odors instead of trapping them close to your feet.

You’ll be hearing stories this winter of my newest pair of PhD sock and how they are keeping me warm.

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