Rain Gear for Women

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Men have it easy, across the board it seems, with cycling.  Clothing fits them easier, they don’t need specially designed bikes normally and most men don’t care what rain gear looks like or how it fits on them.

I’m different and it seems like, in the few emails I received, you are to!  I’ve scored many places trying to find a suitable rain gear outfit for women and I still haven’t nailed down the colors but sizing seems to be getting better.

Suggestions for rain gear :

Showers Pass Elite 2.0 JacketShowers Pass Elite Women's Jacket


Not very cheap, but good waterproof and breathable rain gear isn’t.  This jacket has tons of ventilation through out, including zippers under your arms and a vent on your back side. With a catching blue color this may change your idea of how a rain jacket should look.

Gore Power Lady Jacket


A jacket made by the company that brought us Gore-Tex.  Could you not ask for more?  This jacket is in the Paclite family so it can be packed in a jersey pocket.  A flip down tail will also add extra protection from road or dirt spray on your behind.  With the slim fit, it is true, you need to be pretty slim to wear this jacket.

Gore Solid Lady PantsGore Solid Lady Pants


I still have not been able to find a women’s cut, non-black, pair of decent rain pants. The closest I have found are these from Gore. Unfortunately no other colors but I guess that’s how it is for now.

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  1. I beg to differ about men having it easy. When you are a portly gentleman, (fat old guys like biking too) it is impossible to wear anything made for cyclists and not look like an idiot.

  2. One commonly overlooked brand of rain gear is Red Ledge (their tag line is “Functional, Affordable clothing, for those who exist in reality.”)

    They have a full line-up of Women’s Rain Gear at much more reasonable price than the boutique brands.

    — Bryan

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