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Welcome the Xtracycle Pea Pod LT

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There is no hiding how much I love my Xtracycle when I use it as much as possible.PeaPod LT side photo

The fun way to carry your children.

Xtracycle is proud to release the PeaPod LT: a child’s bicycle seat that enables a parent to go anywhere they want, carry just about anything they need, and ride with their children in safety and comfort.  With a 5-point safety harness, seat cushions you can wash and a ton of adjust-ability it will allow you to haul your child safely.

Pilot Program

To help the release of this new PeaPod LT the company has a “Pilot Program.”  The program starts this Friday, September 11th.   To the first 50 families you can purchase a Radish paired with a PeaPod LT for $999.  Those families will then document their experiences through photos, essays and videos.  Later in the year judges will pick the family that showed their experiences the best.

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