I Spy : 2010 Raleigh Preview

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A small birdy sent me previews of very hip looking ladies bikes from Raleigh Bicycles for 2010.  It looks like all parts of their ladies bike line up will be expanding.

Classic Roadster

$520 (Internally Geared 3 Speed)

Classic Roadster


$1,425 Belt Drive!

Alley Way

Eva 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 & 8.0

$300, $330, $450 & 650


Calispell I8



Alysa FT2



3 Comments on “I Spy : 2010 Raleigh Preview”

  1. I totally want the Classic Roadster…it’s perfect for rides to the grocery store and commuting to the BART station! SALIVATING!!! I never thought I’d lust after a bike that wasn’t either fast on the road or rugged on the trail…but now I want this too. And a track bike. It may never end!

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