Basics of Road Group Rides : Follow Up

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Follow Up

Over a month ago I talked about basics of riding with a road group.  Several people emailed questions in so here is our follow up to answer some of those questions!

Sweeper Refined :

A sweeper is someone that knows the route you are taking and will be in the back with whoever is the last rider.  They will never let that last rider fall too far behind or get lost.  It is also their job to be a cheerleader in the back and also the one that tends to be the clean up crew if you are to get a flat tire or need assistance.  This person tends to be one of the more experienced in the group as well.

What to Bring :

Appropriate riding clothing. Don’t be the person on the ride under dressed!
A Flat Kit
Proper hydration/fuel for your ride
Floor pump to top of your tires prior to the ride

Fueling :

A good rule of thumb is a water bottle an hour depending on the heat/distance.  What you eat is up to you, some people do gel’s and others do bars of some sort.  Normally on a <2 hour ride a water bottle is fine for me, but when it’s hot I have two full ones.  This is something that needs its own string of post so look out for that!

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