Bike Shop Girl | Women’s Shopping Experience Better but Not Great
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Women’s Shopping Experience Better but Not Great

Women’s Shopping Experience Better but Not Great

The shopping experience is getting better in the cycling industry for women. For the past few years it has been drilled in to retailers heads by manufacturers and industry representatives.   Women do make up the majority of buying decision in the average household and women do like to shop.  Seeing that most bike shops are male driven we don’t have to wonder why it is intimidating to go in and talk about spandex, bike shorts or colors of bikes with the guys.  Most of them can’t get it, because they aren’t a girl!

As I started off, it is getting better.  Women are getting more bikes, clothing and personal attention but I know many are still talked down to and confused when it comes to higher end.  This report from Sustran is only confirming it.

With various schemes taking place everywhere to try and get people onto their bikes it would appear that, when it comes to getting women on their bikes at least, the main thing that needs to change is the retail experience.

Sustainable transport charity Sustrans carried out a recent mystery shopper exercise which revealed a new approach by the bike trade to the retail experience is what’s needed.

While the majority of the 633 women who took part in the survey reported a positive experience in the shops they visited, the range of products on offer, and the way they are presented is sending women straight out of the door, and for some, straight online.

Sustrans’ mystery shoppers ranged from eight to 88 with all levels of experience from complete beginners to women who cycle every day. And while the new cyclists are generally happy with the service they are getting, it’s the experienced cyclists that are feeling short-changed.

Beginners reported understanding, helpful and friendly staff with new cyclists just as likely to shop from smaller retailers than from the chain stores. But the experienced riders were not so impressed according to Melissa Henry, Sustrans’ Communications Director.

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What has your experience been lately at your local bike shop?  If favorable please let us know what shop so more women can visit that store.  If un-favorable let us know what could of been different.

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