What’s in Your Bag?

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Seat Bag

A common question seems to be : What’s in your bicycle bag?

The bag they are referring to could be my seat bag found under most of my saddles, one of my messenger type bags slung over my back on the way to work or the store, or maybe my Camelbak on the way to the local mountain bike trail.

Here’s what is in my two bags today on the way to work.

Messenger Bag :

Timbuk2 Messenger Bag

My 8 year old Timbuk2 bag that seems to take a beating and doesn’t want to stop.
Contents from top left to bottom right include :

  • Planet Bike Blaze Front Light (best & brightest battery operated front light in my opinion)
  • Spare tampon, always in there because you never know
  • Pen
  • Moleskin with another pen inside
  • Pedro’s Pink Tire Lever
  • Bontrager Roll Bar Multi Tool
  • Serfas hand pump, which I can’t even tell the model I’ve had it for so long
  • Twin-Six wool cap, incase I get somewhere and have horrible helmet hair
  • Tshirt for work

Seat Bag :

Seat Bag

Contents from top left to bottom right include :

  • Seat bag with blinky light attached.  Secured with a zip-tie so it doesn’t pop off
  • Two CO2 cartridges, one with a rubber sleeve so not to freeze my hand off
  • Spare tube (if on a group ride I carry two spare tubes)
  • Bontrager Air Rush CO2 adapter
  • Pedro’s Pink Tire Lever
  • Bontrager Roll Bar Multi Tool

What’s in your bag today?

2 Comments on “What’s in Your Bag?”

  1. – Spare tube
    – Lenzyne Smart Kit patch kit
    – Innovations Air Chuck w/16g CO2
    – Lezyne SV10 Multi-tool
    – 2 x Specialized Pry Baby levers
    – 2 x Gu Energy (Tri-Berry and Vanilla currently)

    Sometimes I’ll trade out the CO2 for my Topeak Micro Rocket AL, and squeeze in my ccard+license, camera, and/or BlackBerry.

  2. – Spare tube
    – Alien tool
    – Patch kit
    – 11″ folding saw
    – Tire levers
    – Bug Spray
    – Pepper spray
    – Hand pump

    Need to consider extra chain links and perhaps spare hanger rail. I have a lot of mechanicals :(.

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