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The popular store, Urban Outfitters has seemed to have teamed up with Republic Bike to offer Republic’s popular under $400 singlespeed/fixed gear wheels.  What makes this bike popular?  The price and the fact you can change almost every part on the bikes color.  A good time waster is to press “Random” to see what color options it comes up with for me.

Republic Bike

2 Comments on “Urban Outfitters Bike Shop”

  1. Have you had any experience with this bike company? Are they actually decent bikes? The price is right and I wonder if I should recommend for my boyfriend.

  2. I haven’t had any experience, but quickly after posting this article I received a couple twitter feedbacks.

    “a friend got a Republic a few months ago and quickly realized why they’re so cheap – they’re poorly made! he returned it. mostly just that you could get a much better bike for only $100-200 more, or build one yourself.”

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