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SIGG Bottles, Maybe Not So Safe

SIGG Bottles, Maybe Not So Safe

Sigg BottleFurious blog entries and news articles are popping up across the internet that SIGG, known for their BPA free bottles weren’t so BPA free prior to August 2008.   If you remember that SIGG was one of the few bottles out there that parents were trusting their kids to drink out of when they were throwing away all their other bottles like Nalgene’s.

Now SIGG has gone public with an announcement that all of their bottles are completely BPA free, thanks to their new “EcoCare” powder-based, co-polyester coating.

But Steve Wasik now admits that bottles made previous to August, 2008 were lined with a water-based epoxy liner which contained trace amounts of BPA. Was I misled last year? When I wrote that it’s Time to Pack In the Polycarbonates, was suggesting people get a SIGG instead bad advice?

  • Sara
    Posted at 18:18h, 16 January Reply

    The solution is to use stainless steel bottles. No lining = no risk of BPAs. I also occasionally will use glass bottles, but not when I ride.

    • Bike Shop Girl
      Posted at 15:39h, 17 January

      Any specific brands you recommend?

  • Bruce Keto
    Posted at 20:55h, 07 April Reply

    I was seeking this the other day. i do not typically post inside forums but i want to to say thank you!

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