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5 Aug ’09 Comments (1) Blog

Links of Love

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Links of LoveSlowly I am adding more links to the side bar under a few categories.  Bicycle Companies, Clothing, Bits & Parts, and then blogs.  If you have a company you enjoy, has women in their mind when they design product or have a blog yourself – please let me know!

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  1. MellowVelo says:

    How may I earn the respect of your blogroll? :-) I just secured a column in She Pedals Magazine (out Sept., published quarterly) called “The Cat 5 Files” about my desire to step up to racing and my total inadequacy right now.

    My blog has been going for about a year and will start to chronicle that effort more and more. My audience is currently mostly male, because the site’s not, how shall I say it? It’s not at all girly, so it doesn’t pick up the typical casual lady cyclist, though I support them wholeheartedly. (I’m not a hardcore cyclist, I just play one online…)

    I’d love to bring other women into the fold and say to them that they can do it, too (though still waiting to see if I myself can!).


    Here are my other faves:

    Women’s Cycling Magazine:

    She Pedals – The Journal of Women in Cycling:

    Dude Girl (includes women-only cycling clothing):

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