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Let’s Talk Saddles : Intro

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Stone SaddleThere are three comfort zones or places your body touches a bicycle.   As long as you can bear the weight of your body okay between those three places without numbness, pain or pinching then you can ride all day long.

Today we will be touching upon the saddle.  This is also the hardest thing to explain or go super indepth about in only one article.  Think of this as the first of many thoughts on saddles or reviews.  Please read through and email about specific questions you have about saddles to continue the discussion.

The very first thing to know about those comfort zones, especially your seat, they are very personal!  A good bike fit is important and so is the feed back to who ever is helping you with your seat alignment.

Depending on the type of bike you are riding, the distance and the angle of your upper body to lower body will change how narrow/wide or soft/hard you need. The wider seats are comfortable and soft but after 5-10 miles.  The hardest seat is going to be supported by your sit bones and not be supported by your soft tissues.

In this series I will do my best to cover these topics :

  • Various levels of saddles from your beach cruiser to road racers.
  • Sit bone measuring devices and what it all means.
  • Saddle bike fit.

Thanks to Melissa for writing in for this topic.  Hopefully over the series I can find answers to your questions about bicycle saddles.

Bike fit is a whole section of itself so please talk to your local shop that has fitting knowledge.

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