Grease Monkey Wipes

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Worried about changing that flat or cleaning your bike because your hands will get filthy? Have no fear, Grease Monkey Wipes are here! Soon these will be found in my tool box, saddle bag and car first aid kit.

Grease Monkey Wipe

Grease Monkey Wipes are individually packaged degreasing/cleaning wipes that use a natural, non-toxic, citrus based formula to handle heavy duty cleaning including grease and grime.  Their compact size and portable nature make them perfectly suited to be carried in a jersey pocket, saddle bag, or bento box.  The wipes have several applications in the bike world and can be used to either remove grease/road grime from your hands after you change flat mid-ride, remove grease from your calf, or even degrease your chain

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  1. 12 Aug ’09 at 5:50 pm — Reply

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  2. 13 Aug ’09 at 12:19 am — Reply

    Hi, Greasemonkey:
    Love your site! Especially because I’m such a dedicated urban biker who is completely clueless when it comes to any of the mechanics of the cycle and its maintenance.

    While I love the concept of Grease Monkey wipes and have definitely been in situations where I needed them, I really hate the entire concept of another THING in a package that had to be manufactured and shipped somewhere.

    It would be great to know how to make your own grease monkey wipes from something you have at home!

    Just a thought. Keep up the great posts.

  3. 13 Aug ’09 at 12:20 am — Reply

    Sorry, meant to say Hi, Bike Shop Girl, I really love YOUR site!!!

  4. 15 Aug ’09 at 8:05 pm — Reply

    you HAVE to try Action Wipes.


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