Checklist for my 1st Sprint Triathlon

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ChecklistMy first sprint triathlon is this coming Sunday.  If un-prepared is part of the training regimen I am right on course for an awesome first tri!  Sure I had goals and plans of doing the whole 8 weeks to your first sprint tri but life, work and excuses got in the way.  The one small advantage I have is the fact I work with 3 elite-level triathlon who have a bounty of knowledge.

Here’s some quick tips from the experts to keep in mind if you are doing your first triathlon this weekend and failed to train what so ever.

  1. Fuel on the bike as best as possible.  Put your gels and hydration all on the bike so you aren’t carrying it on the run
  2. Set up your transition area as you will be using the equipment
  3. Apply Bodyglide (or vaseline) inside your shoes at the heel and inside tongue so not to get blisters
  4. Put lots of baby powder inside your shoes
  5. Place your race number belt inside your shoes too, so you don’t forget it
  6. Figure out what proper gear to have your bike in.  For example there is a huge hill after my run/bike transition so I want to have it in an easy gear.

Finally I have done a little web research of my own and found this handy little chart of where to put all my stuff in transition, also a tip to have a water bottle to wash off my feet after the swim/run.


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  1. I like to put my sunglasses on my bike’s aerobars, so they are ready to go too (and so I don’t step on them in the frenzy).

    Hope it went great!

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