There’s a take on women’s designed product the basics are shorter top tube because women (most women) have longer legs and a shorter upper body.   The shorter top tube and over all length of the bike allows for easier reach to handlebars, better fitting for someone with those long legs.

Masi has a take that those shorter tubes and steeper angles change the feel of the bike.   Instead they have simply made a couple of their key models smaller, changed colors and most importantly the touch points of the bike.  Touch points are narrower handlebars, seatpost that aren’t leaned so far back, shorter stem and an over all reach on the bike that allows you to use your brakes or shifters correctly.

Welcome the Bellissima line.  Tim Jackson of Masi isn’t sold on the pink, but I am.   Now to sell him on the idea of one model that runs smaller than 48cm.  Allowing our youth to get into the sport at a decent price would be very rewarding.


  1. Thanks for the mention of our new bikes- we’ve tried to do our best to maintain what believe to be great riding characteristics, while creating an overall more compact rider cockpit.

    The Alare Bellissima at approx. $925 and the Gran Corsa Bellissima at approx. $1675 put the two models in the “not too expensive” category. Not that we’re not biased, but we think both models came out mighty nicely.

    The Rosa Pink is beautiful and almost unreal in the sunlight- the light metallic base in the paint is simply stunning. Pink tends to be polarizing- some women feel overtly pandered too with pink and others totally embrace the color. That’s why we have two choices on the Alare Bellissima… just in case!

    I would LOVE to do an even smaller bike than our 47cm. Sadly, the market is “tiny” (no pun intended) and the available parts to make a bike that is both small enough and inexpensive is very difficult. All that said, I am the “never say never” kind of guy and totally embrace the idea of smaller bikes- after all, my daughter is only 8 years old now. So you just never know…

    Thanks again for mentioning the new bikes; we sincerely hope they fit the needs of smaller riders and we certainly invite feedback if they don’t!

    Tim Jackson- Masi Brand Manager

  2. I just got a pink Alare Bellissima. It is more reliable than my car (which I hardly ever use). She is probably the best thing that ever happened to me 🙂 I love it

  3. My wife was really excited when I found this bike on the Masi website, however I was disappointed that in the number 1 bicycling area (Twin Cities) in America that no one carries the Bellissima models. Really hard to have the confidence to order her the pink bike she so desperately wants without making sure it has the right fit first…

    Definitely a sharp looking bike though.

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