1591197644_b7eca9235f_mHarlot Habit Shorts – Size MD, Color Black.

The shorts have an amazing material, stretchy but feel very durable. Sizing they seem to be pretty true & the length is perfect. I am very excited about the fact they didn’t mess with the padded liner that many shorts do. Normally you aren’t happy with the liner and tear it out, or if its built in you are stuck with it.

Back of shorts. Seamless crotch in center.

Shorts have two closures. Velcro and snaps. Easy to take off in a pinch but very secure while in use. The shorts also have belt loops if you want even more backup.


Tidbits from the company :

  • Seamless and unlined crotch.
  • Shell fabric is a stretch nylon/poly with Dryon finish. The Dryon is water and strain resistant.
  • 4 way stretch inseam
  • Available in multiple colors and sizes

The shorts are subtle enough to wear out after riding or I plan to wear them in the shop. The black color is perfect to hide grease and I can commute in to work with them on! Give me a week or so for a good ride report.


  1. This really looks good. How are you finding the content? Are these in-shop questions that you’ve had? I really like the presentation, reasonable clean with a finished look. Not just another basic blog, and nothing that isn’t readable, because of silly fints and colors. I’m really busy with something that just came up, but I’ll be back to you Wednesday.
    Thank you, this could have some real legs,

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