Poll : Do You Wear Cycling Clothing?

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The comment was made on my Basic Short article that cycling clothes aren’t always needed.  I believe this is true so I made the comment on Twitter to see what everyone thinks or wears.  The response is overwhelming and now I sit wishing I had used hash tags in twitter to be able to keep all the comments together for you all to read.

The answers were wide spread from “Yes, every time I ride I wear cycling clothes” to “No, I don’t own spandex or even a technical t-shirt.”  Now I’m doing some research on well priced clothing that can double as cycling and everyday wear.


  • Paula Schultz says:

    I wear whatever I feel like. Though now that it’s warmer, that’s usually shorter skirts, tanks, and a pair of exercise shorts underneath the skirt to keep things modest (and not have to deal with sweat down there). So I can get off my bike and look normalish, which is always nice. I’ll also wear longer skirts, though not past knee length since I don’t have a skirt guard, and not worry about shorts underneath.
    Just about anything that fits, is comfy, and temperature adequate is fine for cycling. And I have a road bike I use with drop bars and everything. :D

  • Judy J says:

    I have to wear cycling clothing — I always ride at least 25 miles and up to 100 — no way could I do that in regular shorts… or even cheap biking shorts. And I love the cycling tops because they have the pockets in back to carry stuff — I wish all of my tops were like that, it’s convenient!

  • jj says:

    well it depends on what i’m doing. if i’m biking to work, or to the store, or to dinner, or to the park with the kids, etc., i wear regular old clothes. sometimes i’ll throw on some stretchy shorts (unpadded) under a skirt or dress if i think it’s going to be one that is either a bit short or likely to catch the wind.

    if i’m out on a longer road ride, then i wear the lycra.

  • Irene says:

    Hi! I just started riding about a month ago. I wear knee length bike shorts and a regular t-shirt on my 20-25 mile rides. Sometimes I just wear regular clothes. It’s not necessary yet for me to be all aerodynamic and speedy! And I’m not ready to have it all hanging out in shorts. I love the idea of a skirt (over shorts) and am working for awesome legs with that in mind!

  • Barry Korman says:

    check out my blog – retro reflective to help make a biker safer when riding at night or in the dark.

  • HPT says:

    My bike riding is pretty much exclusively for commuting to my office job, 7km from home. I wear my normal work clothes on the bike.

  • nadia says:

    I have never worn biking clothes. I commute everyday to work and whenever I go shopping for clothes I try to keep bikes and work in mind I must say it is the reason it has created a unique styte.

  • jim says:

    I usually wear street clothes i.e. T-shirt and shorts. I do have a couple of jersey’s (I like the rear pockets), a couple pair of wool socks for cooler weather, and arm warmers. No Lycra shorts. And I only put a bucket on my head when I do my 2 annual organized rides.

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