Poll : Do You Wear Cycling Clothing?

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The comment was made on my Basic Short article that cycling clothes aren’t always needed.  I believe this is true so I made the comment on Twitter to see what everyone thinks or wears.  The response is overwhelming and now I sit wishing I had used hash tags in twitter to be able to keep all the comments together for you all to read.

The answers were wide spread from “Yes, every time I ride I wear cycling clothes” to “No, I don’t own spandex or even a technical t-shirt.”  Now I’m doing some research on well priced clothing that can double as cycling and everyday wear.

10 Comments on “Poll : Do You Wear Cycling Clothing?”

  1. I wear whatever I feel like. Though now that it’s warmer, that’s usually shorter skirts, tanks, and a pair of exercise shorts underneath the skirt to keep things modest (and not have to deal with sweat down there). So I can get off my bike and look normalish, which is always nice. I’ll also wear longer skirts, though not past knee length since I don’t have a skirt guard, and not worry about shorts underneath.
    Just about anything that fits, is comfy, and temperature adequate is fine for cycling. And I have a road bike I use with drop bars and everything. 😀

  2. I have to wear cycling clothing — I always ride at least 25 miles and up to 100 — no way could I do that in regular shorts… or even cheap biking shorts. And I love the cycling tops because they have the pockets in back to carry stuff — I wish all of my tops were like that, it’s convenient!

  3. well it depends on what i’m doing. if i’m biking to work, or to the store, or to dinner, or to the park with the kids, etc., i wear regular old clothes. sometimes i’ll throw on some stretchy shorts (unpadded) under a skirt or dress if i think it’s going to be one that is either a bit short or likely to catch the wind.

    if i’m out on a longer road ride, then i wear the lycra.

  4. Hi! I just started riding about a month ago. I wear knee length bike shorts and a regular t-shirt on my 20-25 mile rides. Sometimes I just wear regular clothes. It’s not necessary yet for me to be all aerodynamic and speedy! And I’m not ready to have it all hanging out in shorts. I love the idea of a skirt (over shorts) and am working for awesome legs with that in mind!

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  7. My bike riding is pretty much exclusively for commuting to my office job, 7km from home. I wear my normal work clothes on the bike.

  8. I have never worn biking clothes. I commute everyday to work and whenever I go shopping for clothes I try to keep bikes and work in mind I must say it is the reason it has created a unique styte.

  9. I usually wear street clothes i.e. T-shirt and shorts. I do have a couple of jersey’s (I like the rear pockets), a couple pair of wool socks for cooler weather, and arm warmers. No Lycra shorts. And I only put a bucket on my head when I do my 2 annual organized rides.

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