Colorful Knog Lights

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Safety is a big thing for me.  Helmets, lights and brakes on those fixed gear bikes are all important things.  Any customer that comes through the shop getting into cycling or buying a new bike the two must accessories are a well fit helmet and a rear blinky light.  So that I don’t sounds like I’m pushing things at them I explain the basics, you have one head (duh) and a good light will give drivers a good warning that you are up the road.

Today I’ll be talking about Knog’s colorful line of blinky lights.

Knog was one of the first companies to take lights and make them personal with their colorful little Frog lights.  Small rubbery lights that come in multiple outter colors and red or white LED lights.  They strap around your handlebar, seat post or frame.  Taking the success of these lights they expanded their line with brighter, more LED’s and fun names.

Add flare to your bikes, and safety on the road.

Knog Beetle
Beetle Rear Light

25 hours of constant light and 130 hours of flashing
Fits around any handlebar, seat post, frame tube, or whatever other odd shape your twisted mind can concoct

Knog Skink

Skink Front Light

New circuitry and 4 super-bright LEDs with 2 flashing modes plus constant on
Includes battery life indicator, a small LED next to the switch that comes on when batteries are at 25% charge
Compact silicon body protects the Skink from the elements

10 Comments on “Colorful Knog Lights”

  1. If I didn’t already have an array of lights, I’d be all over these..they’re cute AND functional. I like the way they fit over the tubes and handlebars, although space on my handlebars is at a premium; I have a lot of stuff on my bike. I wasn’t kidding when I said it’s my car…my back basket probably has more space than the trunks of some small cars…lol!

  2. I want something like this that is a wrist band so someone can actually see you hand signaling at night. My bike may be lit up but my wildly gesturing arms are not.

  3. Tee ,

    I actually have the one Knog frog wrapped around my headtube on the bike. Once I find a photo of it I’ll post

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  6. I have them on my bike as backup lights – i love them to bits. Knog also do a very cool cycle computer…..

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