2010 Bontrager Cycling Shoes

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In 2009 Bontrager released their first ever cycling shoe line.  After teaming up with Esoles in order to get thousands of foot scans.  The result was a well fit shoe, with replaceable arch support and a bargain compared to other shoes. The line was very in depth with women, men and triathlon shoes.  (Personally, I have two pairs and I love them!)

For 2010 they are going even deeper with the line and adding more color.  The women are staying pretty subtle but the mens line have a lot of orange through out.

RXLroadRXL Road

MSRP $229.99

Weight : 560G

This model is new for 2010, originally they womans line went only to RL, this year you will see lighter, stiffer shoes available for women.  Only available in one color, the silver with blue highlights.


MSRP $229.99

Weight : 670g

Black and gold shoes, with the color option they are going to either hit the market hard and every fast girl will want them.  Or the shoe will sit on my shop floor until we can discount them.  The shoe has a shiny finish, which I think will be easier to clean as a dirty mountain bike shoe gets.   I want to trade in my black and blue pair from 2009 and go to the carbon fiber, light weight “bling” shoe!


RXL Hilo

MSRP $169.99

Weight : 500G

Finally a price effective triathlon shoe for women that is going to fit like a glove!  Our most popular tri shoe is the Sidi T2 which retails for $279.99.  White has been proven to be the fastest color on a bike so this shoe is really going to do well in the womans tri market.


MSRP $99.99

Weight : 680g

Shoes you can ride to work in, work all day and then hop on the bike to go home.  Run your errands at the grocery store with out clicking around, slipping or getting nasty looks.  For your charity road rides, where the rest stops are social gatherings and walking is crucial.  Riding with your family, and so much more.  I love when folks come out with shoes that have style, function and won’t break the bank.

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