In late August I took delivery of a Salsa Casseroll in the single speed variety.  Since then the bike has been my (almost) daily ride.  It has caused me to get rid of my car and be a true car-free commuter and cyclist. There have been transformations of the bike which have been documented well.

Salsa Casseroll Version 1.0

Salsa Casseroll

The stock set up with drop bar and single speed. 38mm tires and a very pretty chain guard. A rear rack was installed immediately and I pedaled it around this set up for about 3 days.

Salsa Casseroll Version 1.1

Salsa Casseroll

The drop bar was swapped for a mountain handlebar (carbon Monkeylite) I had in the closet. Due to the

brakes being long pull I had to run a cyclocross top lever and then made a rear shifter become my rear brake. The grips and Trek clock were my favorite part of this set up. Long term this will be how the bike is set up, but with a more swept back bar and correct brake levers.

Salsa Casseroll Version 2.0

Salsa Casseroll

My road bike developed a crack in the down tube so all my geared Campagnola parts went on to the Casseroll. Lighter wheels, cyclocross cranks and 2×10 set up has been a dream to ride for the past month. I probably will run this setup through winter. The fatty tires, rear rack and soon to be fenders are going to be key for my 150 mile commuting per week. Plus long rides are pretty fun with gears.

Salsa Casseroll Specs

Normally I ride a 55cm so I went with a 53cm frame, currently I am running a 90mm stem at 7degree rise. When I’m running flat bars the stem is at 100mm.
I’ve been advised multiple times by Salsa to keep the bike off the single track. The fork is not made for it and I might loose some teeth.

Be prepared to reconnect with cycling if you buy this bike. It catches many folks eyes, is a wonderful steady bike to load down the rear rack and enjoy your commute or long ride.
The rear rack needed a hose clamp on one side as the brake cable is in the way of the braze-on of the left seat stay. Hasn’t hurt my load carrying one bit.

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